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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 09:16:59 -0600

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>And the fleshounds urinate upon Grey Knights too! In fact they can take
>objectives under a vortex template...
>You aren't actually suggesting that the Avatar's attack (both ranged and CC
>isn't psychic are you?)

No, no, no. I would think that fleshounds would be immune to the distance
attack, but the hth is obviuosly composed of more than just psychic energy,
i.e. a big veiny spear/spetum/halberd-like thingie (or swords and halberds
in the case of Grey Knights). To say that a fleshound cand pin an avatar
and not even have to fight him (or worse, gets to keep fighting until he
wins, since he can't be damaged) is just ridiculous. I suppose next you are
going to tell me that they can't be hurt by a Warlock Titan in hth. You
know, I'm pretty sure the titan could step on the fleshound, and REGARDLESS
of whether there was a psychic component to the attack the fleshound would
be a puddle of goo.

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