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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 09:12:45 +1000 (EST)

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I can't resist. One of my weaknesses.

>>First movement, warp spiders swooping hawks, etc. can move 30 cm and
>>then charge (or assault move) 45 cm. This is faster than a jet bike
>>(total of 75cm to 70cm).

So it's OK that they go faster then a jetbike? Or are you joking? To me that
just seems wrong.

>>Second titans. They are just about as tough as imperial titans, but
>>they have a 2+ save on ALL hits all the time. Eldar titans will be to
>>hardest to kill titans in the game. (and for 10 extra points, you can
>>make it into a warlock)
>Yay. Maybe now they won't be worthless.

I have never heard anyone but Eldar think that the Eldar titans are
worthless in epic. That is not to say I think the current Elf titans are
cheesey, just that they are well worth their points.

>>Third, the psi-factor. They can build units with 5 warlocks in it and a
>>farseer. This will always give them a +1 in close combat (witch is a
>>big deal in the new system)
>Well, I guess warlocks should be good for something, since their
>precognitive powers are obviously far inferior to simple Space Marine
>planning (hence the strategy ratings).

Does this mean that strategy ratings are in epic97? They are one of the
reasons I dislike 40K. I heard that tragedy cards are in epic97, I just hope
their not taking ALL the bad things about 40K for epic97.

>>Forth, pop-up attacks, now better than ever. You can move at charge
>>speed and still pop-up. You can fall back and pop-up (normal movement).
>>And you can overwatch and pop-up (reroll misses).
>Funky (again).

As has been pointed out the skimmers don't see everything all the time
anymore, but to be able to charge and pop-up, fall-back and pop-up,
overwatch and pop-up seems a little lame to me.

I just wish that Imperial Guard were a popular 40K army. Then they might get
good stuff instead of having stuff eliminated.

>>Eldar don't have to be cheesy, but you can build a force that is.
>Well, you know, it ain't easy being cheesy.

Having to stay the colour of parmesian everyday.

But cheese can be the colour of bananas.

And cheese can be stronger then the wind.

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