[Epic] Epic 40K Facts

From: Farley, James <JFarley_at_...>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 14:46:08 -0800

I have been playing the new game for a little while and want to get you
guys excited about the new system. It is so different, it will be hard
to go into details, but I will give you some info pre-release review


>* Lots of different missions/scenarios ( similar to Fantasy)
* Flyers are much better (realistic)
* Miniatures are very nice
* Can play the game and any race (except Squats) right from the box
* Cool way to build your own detachments
* Heroes are only effective with other units
* All your old figs will work, but bikes are now three to a base. (and
not nearly as good)


* Eldar are [can be] Cheesy
* Lots of IG stuff cut out (you knew that was coming)
* Lots of different ways to play the game, you must decide on house
rules before you start. (they do give you the options)
* Special/Strange unit weapon effects are gone (bubble chukka, wave
serpent, tractor cannon, psy lance, etc.)

Bottom line, very very fun.

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