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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 09:46:52 +1000 (EST)

>> First movement, warp spiders swooping hawks, etc. can move 30 cm and
>> >>>then charge (or assault move) 45 cm. This is faster than a jet bike
>> >>>(total of 75cm to 70cm).
>> This is very nasty because the standard weapon range is only 30cm, you
>> won't even be able to fire at them before they attack you.
>And its been said there is little similarity between e40k and W40k, how
>naive can some people be.

I remember playing a squat vs eldar game in 40K. Me being the squats. Of
course I lost the initiative as squats have such low strategy. After the
first turn my half dozen units were halved before I had a chance to do
anything. There was plenty of cover, but there little I could do against
warp spiders and swooping hawks dropping grenades on my head and those
really fast jetbikes. And have you ever tried to doge molofilament wire on
squats initiative? It just bugs me how important strategy is in 40K. The
above example just reminded me of that game and horrors of it. I'm a little

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