RE: [Epic] Epic 40K Facts

From: A. Allen McCarley <allen_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 17:31:36 -0600

> So it's OK that they go faster then a jetbike? Or are you joking? To me that
> just seems wrong.
> [regarding swooping hawks and warp-spiders]

I have no real problems with things that fly or "fold-space" travelling
faster than jetbikes. At least, not for short spurts anyway.

> I have never heard anyone but Eldar think that the Eldar titans are
> worthless in epic. That is not to say I think the current Elf titans are
> cheesey, just that they are well worth their points.

Well, I'm a die-hard marine player (though I just played my first game
with the Guard) and I've never had any respect for Eldar titans. Yes,
they have nasty, cheesey weapons combinations; but all I have to do is
point a template at them and say "bang, you're dead!" Many's the
time I've seen an Eldar commander decry his grace, agility, and technical
superiority and beg GHQ for just one good, old-fashioned void shield.

-Allen McCarley
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