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>Fellow Epic players,
> My usual opponent plays a force consisting of a space
>marine/Imperial Guard Mix. He basically uses the tanks and infantry of
>marines with the artillery and leviathan of the guard. He has taken an
>artillery company to count as his IG company which makes the force legal
>(I think- We don't have a copy of Armies of the Imperium). I play an
>Orcish Horde and am having a lot of trouble dealing with his artillery.
>It seems that dragsta shields are the only chance that I have of even
>hoping to avoid having all of my units blown up but I don't want to be
>cheesy by taking a ton of them. Does anyone have some strategies for
>dealing with artillery? I usually try to rush him which works with mixed
>sucess. My force has Goffs and a Kult to charge, Death Skulls with Land
>Raiders to Advance, and Bad Moonz with braincrushas and weirdboys to fire
>from a distance (this is usually his primary target).

Unfortunately Adam, there's not much you can do about the Artillery when you
play Orks. Dragstas are a decent stop-gap, but the Kult of Speed really is
your best bet. Give them a mission and then don't stop until they achieve
it. My usual mission is to use them to whack the opponent's artillery. Try
to avoid other, more tempting targets as they will just distract you.
Whiping out artillery is extremely important for the Orks. Pulsa Rokkits
are pretty good if you get them on target. They don't need a line of sight
to use and they disrupt things pretty good. After a while you should find
that you are getting pretty good at guessing the number of dice to use and
they land roughly where you want them to. The only other things to do are
to force him to field them in the open where you can hit them with
long-range fire, to use your own cover to the best of your ability, or to
just field your boyz in as wide a formation as you can to minimise the
effects of those barrage templates.

As far as the "advancing with the Deathskulls" goes, don't bother. Orks
either Charge or First Fire. Advance is only good for the Gargants to help
get them in range. Its useless to other Orky troops.


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