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>OK, to get away from GW bashing for a minute, just what chaos titan weapons
do >people think should
>be mounted on what titan? I know this has probably been asked before but I
>wasn't around
>to hear the reply. In the WD article on the Banelord it specifically says
you >cannot
>mount any of its weapons (battle head, chaos tail with gun, doom fist etc.)
on >any titan other than
>a Banelord. In Titan Legions it just lumps all the chaos weapons together
on a >single page
>with no apparent restriction on what can take what.

Nope. There seems to be little restriction, so it depends on what you
allow. We allow most of that stuff to be generally mounted, with the
exceptions I make below. So my personal favourite is the Support Missile
(Vortex, Barrage or Warp, take your pick) + Fire-control tower + 2
Deathstorms + Deathstrike cannon (maybe). Nasty and VERY shooty. At our
club we play WYSIWYG so noone has actually tried it yet. But I may very
soon (getting nice, cheap Deathstorms!).

>So do people think a Warlord can mount a doom fist, a death storm, a chaos
tail >with gun?

Depends on what you allow. According to the Titan Legions list there is not
much stopping people doing this, but I personally would be against anyone
using the Battlecannon tail and Bloodletter head on anything appart from a

>Can Reavers mount chaos tails?
>Can Warhounds mount chaos tails?

I assume that they can. I actually think its appropriate for Warhounds.

>And probably one of the more cheesy combinations, can Warhounds mount a
chaos >energy whip, a doom
>Personnally I don't think the Warhound can mount anything but what it says
on >the data sheet

I actually think that the Warhound Data sheet states exactly what it can and
can't mount. If its not in the list on the Data Sheet, then you can't use it.


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