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>> >Hi. What sorts of scenery most suited to the Epic scale
>> >have you guys used? What did you really like?
>> I have an Aztec Temple from Grendel that I just love to pieces.
>What is Grendel? Do they have a website? Sounds very interesting.

Grendel were a Scottish company that used to make resin Kryomek & Leviathan
Scenery and other nice stuff. They went under about 6 months ago and so
their stuff is unfortunately very hard to get. They never had a web site as
far as I know. There is a rumour floating around here that they are up and
running again under a different name, but then again I haven't been able to
find their stuff for a while. I think Military Simulations (an Australian
Mail Order company) still stocks their stuff.

Another good source of scenery for Epic scale is Geo-Hex. They make
Dirtside II scenery under licence from GZG and it is apparently very nice.
For 25mm scale, SimTac are the go as they are now making all of the old
Kryomek Resin Scenery again, and trust me it is REALLY nice! Very futuristic.

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