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From: Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 11:55:41 +1000 (EST)

> Mark A Shieh wrote:
> >
> > I'm having trouble with the flyer rules. Specifically, there
> > are two things I'm having trouble with.
> > 2) Dogfighting
> >
> > It says to work your way down from initiative. It doesn't
> > mention alternating fire. Does this mean that if I have 5 Nightwings
> > (4/2 assault) and 5 Fighta-Bommerz(3/2 assault), each of the
> > Nightwings will try to shoot one of the Fighta-Bommerz before they can
> > retaliate? This could suck for the Orks.
> >
> Yeah so it seems.... Personally though, I think you should have the
> opportunity to counter intercept the interceptors... sorta like an
> escort for bombing raids ready to fight of bomber interceptors... It
> could make the flyer missions a little aggrivating with people having
> hundereds of small flyer dets to try and gain an un-contested attack...
> but what the hey.... Its up to the General

        Doh, i thought you COULD intercept interptors who are intercepting the
bombers! From reading the FAQ thing at the back of thr book, that seemed
to suggest it. And why not? I means you pay for more command flyers, and
in therefore in the long run get less, but you get greater tactical
flexibility, and less chance of having 10 figters stuck doing nothing
because the only HQ unit they had was reparing!
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