Re: [Epic] [E40k] Misc. Minor Foulups (wishlist)

From: Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 17:30:48 +1000 (EST)

> On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Alan Brain wrote:
> > Some (IMHO) glitches
> >
> > 1. Eldar Guardians. These have some form of armour - better than Imp Gd,
> > anyway. They should have an armour of 4 (and cost 10 pts)
        Hmm, going by 40K, mabye true.

> >
> > 2. Aspect Warriors should have an armour of 5, equal to SMs, and cost
> > more (12 pts).
        hang on, whooa! Marines also have higher toughness and all round
better saves on average. Not a good idea IMHO.

> >
> > 3. Space Marine Scouts should lose their rapid-fire ability, decrease
> > their CC, and their armour should be 3. They should, of course, be
> > radically cheaper as a result (11 pts).
        Going by 40K, yes, mabey, althought scouts have a tendency to be
used as cheap CC in 40K

> > 4. How come Chaos Thousand Sons CSMs cost 1 pt more than SMs, while
> > having identical stats? (not complaining, an observation).
        No idea, but yo DO get )(*& ^%$$ saveing deamons.
> 5. Terminators should have +Hero, not +Save. (Orks got it with Nobs,
> Eldar got it with Exarchs.)
        IMO, no they SHOULD have save. Ever tried using 5 termi's as CC
troops when the're armed with storm bolters? Termies agaist CC troops OR
her's of any kind get blastered, they only take ages to kiill 'cause of
the save. Not their Champion-like stats.

> 6. Bio-Titans should regenerate DC
on a 4+. If it ever
gets to 0DC > immediately roll on Catastrophic (no "back from the dead").
> Well, I know how bad BT's are in firepower terms agiast Iperial
titans, but they are cheaper. You'll just have to get used to the fact
they can't handle Warlord's anymore in fire fights. reavers, mabye.

> 7. Flak units should be 45cm range. This will provide and actual
> "umbrella" of protection 15cm around the Flak unit. Expecially
> considering the Intercept rules where the only way to beat Nightwings is
> to outnumber them.
        Elder already have this. But what's the problem with 30? Sure I
can't cover my advancing tanks/infantry very well, but arty with 2
HJydra's sitting one either side sure helps. Everybody will just have to
get SOME air cover, even if's it's 3 gargoyls to get in the way.

> 8. War Engine skimmers need to declare pop-ups in the normal Shooting
> Phase. This can be rationalized by the ponderous movement of WE opposed
> to normal vehicles. This allows normal inf. and vehicles a shot at the
> WE.
        IMHO, i HATE HATE HATE pop-ing up Elder anti-tank vechiles (wehich
is how they act). BUT, my Leman Russ now can survive ion anything bar a 6.
And that Tempest can get killed now by infantry if I can get close enough.
Fair enough trade off IMHO.
> 9. Ork Crit. tables shouldn't be so harsh... they've got non-regen shields
> and less armor than Imps... they shouldn't get screwed in the Crit. tables
> too.
        Tried to kill a Warlord in his Great Gargant? 12 full shields. :(
> > It would be nice to have a list of what Old stuff corresponds to the New
> > Stuff. We know Bubblechukker = DeathRay etc but there are a few
> > oddities. Like Mole Mortars. Support (AT) or Artillery? or just MIA?
        Mortors and Thud guns are probab;y being held over for Squats (if
ever coming out). But you are right.
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