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From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 13:51:10 +1000 (EST)

>>I would love the hear any details on the why and wherefores though it would
>>be most thru private e-mail - it might not be very relevant to Epic. I must
>>say that this list is especially tolerant, at times almost like a chatline.
>That's what I like best about this list. It's nice not having everyone
>just strictly stick to Epic posts, as everyone (presumably) has lives
>outside of the list and the game, and it is always nice to get to know the
>people you are talking to. :)

It'd be nice to think that all the others on the list also have interests
outside of gaming, and not people that get caught up with something like
Magic players or WFB players that never talk about anything else. Even
though you never get to see the people face to face (well most of the time
anyway) I think it's great that we have such a diverse group with similar
interests. Almost all in the group seem very reasonable people, and I think
I've been able to sit and chat (email) with a fair number on the group.

Oh and I most assuredly have other things outside of epic. I have total of
16 days of bachelorhood left to me, as my girlfriend of the last decade
finally connived a marriage out of me.

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