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From: Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 22:07:46 +1000 (EST)

        Ok, after having played 3 more games with an IG army, here's a few
thing's I've noticed. All 3 games wer'e with essanitly the same army, 1st
vs elder, then chaos, then elder.

        Ig arty is GREAT for defeating, in detail small enemy units. what
I mean is, in 2 games I've played now agiast elder and chaos, I've been
able to conceterate my barrages/firepower agiast only 1 enemy detamcnet at
a time. 1st the chaos player only send 1 vechile detachment toward me, and
me, with an old style IG arty comanpy, barraged him. 1 detchamenbt p[er turn.
        But, I did the same thing to an elder player, despite him having
split up his units all over the table. 1st turn I got a bike detachment.
2nd turn was the turn of some walking haliquins, next turn some elder
SHV's. Unsupporting each other, they were all easy meat.
        Having only 3 large companys, 1 infatry, 1 arty and 1 tank always
seem,s to invite the folowwing tactics in a meeting ineganment. 1st turn
advance to good firing position. 2nd turn, overwatch, and destory incoming
enemy. 3rd turn stay on overwatch, or advance and overrun enemy.
        IG has, agiast both elder and chaos, not very good fighters, and
so-so bombers. But Hydra's are MUCH better than elder flak guns. So I'm
thinking of just attacking 1-2 hydra's to my companys, and forgetting the
fighter cover. If I try to intercept the elder bombers, the elder fighters
intercept me, and shoot me down. But the same thing happens when I try to
get his bombers! His fighter intercept mine, and boom, his bombers get
un-iterupted runs.
        Biggest defeat Ive had so far, I had 2 units left out of about 40
and thery we're reatreting. What happened? 1st turn, I advance (stupid I
now know) toward chaos amry consisting of 1 land raider company + chaos
marines. and 2 units of about 20-30 units of demamons. 2nd turn he gets to
fire first, and totally wipes out my lemuan Russ tank company. I fire back
with arty and mechinzied infantry, and break his 'raider/marine company.
Then the deamons'a arrive......
        3 turns of contiues CC b/n my infatry and later arty means I diw
after killing aboiut 4 deamons.
        My last game ended with both side being in the negitve at turn 3.
I ambushed his elder army, and killed about 12 stands of Halquins. leaving
1 jst bike, and 2 stands of haliquins with hero's. I think hey hey, they
can't do too much. WRONG!!!
        What happen then was, reality speaking, silly, but makes sort of
sense in 40K. I have a IG tank company consoting of about 14 tanks and 5
sentils. He has left the 4 stands of haliquins.s HE charges me, and EVERY
turn for the nect 3, beats me in CC, gives me 5 blast marers, and cause
the tank company to retreat. I mean, i had more tanks than he had infantry
figures! And because I roll 3 1's to get rid off blast markers, I can't
get rid of the suprussion, he charges me nect turn, i lose cause of
blasrt markers (and I never rolled above 2 for the CC), and retreat again!
Ended up he dosn't lose a fight, I lose 3-4 tanks a turn, and lose about
30 moral because of the surpression. Lucky wasn't he?

Sorry about the spelling, it's just 40K latin ;)
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