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>>Oh, I almost forgot Kryomek isn't to bad. I like 40k a bit more though.
>This probably is a SQ, but what is this Kryomek game system all about ?

Kryomek is a 25mm infantry skirmish game brought out by a company called
Fantasy Forge in about 1990-91. Its the story of a Human civilisation that
expands through the universe and encounters a lifeform they dub the Kryomek,
which are like the Giger Aliens from the movies. They are the first life
form to fight back against the humans and thus starts a war. The humans use
troops like convict troopers, Marines (real ones, not GW style ones),
power-armoured troopers, cybernetic units (yay the Talos!), tanks and AT-ST
style walkers. The Kryomek use organic tanks and the alien-like infantry.

The miniatures were some of the best I had ever seen, with some exceptions
of course, and with great resin scenery. It was pretty cheap, too. The
rules were fast and realistic with both sides having advantages and
weaknesses. But sadly Fantasy Forge went down the tubes about 1-2 years
after Kryomek came out.

Recently a company called SimTac has picked up the Kryomek line and is
producing it again, with expansions and new miniatures coming out. Woo-hoo!
Its also a great source of alternate minis for 40K which I feel would be
cheaper in the U.S. than GW stuff.


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