Re: [Epic] Eldar tactics

From: Jyrki Saari <js54904_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 12:13:13 +0300 (EET DST)

> Now this I can't believe! Anyone with any common sense knows it's much
> too cold for anything to actually live in Finland. Personally, I think

Not so loud! The trick is, we don't know it is too cold to live here. That's
why we can do it...

> people claim to Finish because:
> 1) They're tired of the fact that no-one can pronounce their names,
> so they claim to be from a country where people can actually
> pronounce words like that.

I thought that country was France...;)

> 2) It's better than claiming to be Australian (sorry, just can't
> let go of that australian thread).

That goes without saying.

> 3) It's a tax dodge (like when president Bush claimed to live in
> a hotel room in texas because texas has no state income tax).

Hm. Apparently you have never heard of the tax rates here...

> I mean, I have met several Finish people, and *none* of them were
> actually in Finland at the time! (of course, the fact I wasn't in
> Finland either may have played into it a little).
> I think it can be safely assumed, despite the assertions of these so-
> called Finns, that Finland is actually a snowy barren wasteland
> devoid of all life (kinda like New Jersey, but colder). Everybody
> knows that any self-respecting (or respectable, for that matter)
> penguin lives in Pittsburg (and plays hockey).

Like I said, we don't know it's too cold here...and besides it's kinda peaceful
since no one else wants to live up here.

> I know this is true because I heard it from a guy who knows someone
> that saw it on TV or something.

Now that is really a reliable source of information. You must be right.

> David the edgukated
Jyrki Saari
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