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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 11:28:04 +1000 (EST)

>Sauron1 writes; How many of our group belong to a wargame club? And do
>you meet at the same place? Do you have a permanent site that you own or
>rent? Are you associatted with a Hobby store or a school? Do you attend
>or help to run a convention? My sons and I belong to a local club that I
>have beenn associatted with for 25 years. We have a permanent residence
>with club owned tables,terrain,buildings and trees. We run M.I.G.S. Con
>and have done so for the last 18 years with 60 regular and another 30
>odd more ocasional members. I was just wondering if there were more
>groups like us around? sauron1

I currently belong to and attend the Queensland Miniatures Gamers Club. We
meet every second Saturday in a Scout's Hall in Graceville, Brisbane. We
have a huge variety of member who attend from snotty little 8 year olds who
are extremely annoying to more mature gamers to the old grognards who are
old enough to be my father and have been gaming for longer than I have been
alive. Currently the club has about 200 members (most of whom don't attend
all the time), is about to embark on its first Con (WarCon), and has the
eventual goal of purchasing a permanent site for us to game in with
permanent tables and scenry. Not a bad club!


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