Re: [Epic] Tyrannid War Machines (Tyrannids vs. Chaos)

From: Chris Weigt <Christopher.Weigt_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 10:08:05 +1000 (EST)

Well well well, we have a bug player who is actually happy with his force
list! Has the world gone topsy turvy? *grin*
BTW: grats man, sounds like solid strategy prevailed instead of a
reliance on cheesy regen (*$%& that 2nd ed regen very much, killed the
same Dom 7 times (it was a big battle, 15000 points) in 1 fight!)

Overkill: the ability to kill an entire country's population more than once.
Strategic Superiority: possessing more overkill than your enemy.
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