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From: Chris Weigt <Christopher.Weigt_at_...>
Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 15:14:19 +1000 (EST)

> Heck, anybody with a good rifle, like a .223 can shoot out to 300
> meters, figure a good kill range of 150 against most troops. All a
> bolter is is a big rocket grenage launcher with a piss poor range.
Yup, bolters suck. Shithouse range, and for something that is a titanium
tipped armour piercing _explosive_ round, it sure lacks punch! (maybe
theres a lot of duds, like 1/3 or sumfin...)

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> Poncho Caine (Eldar Farseer)
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> I hope Poncho doesn't mind me forwarding this to the list but he's
> raised a good point. Stick with me on this.
> Chaos demons have stats in both WH40K and War Hammer Fantasy Battles,
> therefore there is a mechanism for comparing units and equipment in
> both.
> Does anyone on the list know
> a) whether, say, a greater demon of Nurgle has identical stats in both
> systems, and
> b) what the stats are for longbows in WHFB?
> If the long bows have a Str3 and reasonable range they should work as
> well as Lasguns in WH40K (or Necromunda).
Well, they have str 3 and 30 odd inch range, but theres an armour save
bonus in 40k if your save is better than a certain value (4+ i think)
eg: An Arbitrator in carapace (4+) is hit by an arrow, which, being a
primitive weapon adds +2 to the dice roll to save.

> If thats the case it should be possible to scale medieavel style units
> to Epic. Imagine the different types of world you could fight over
> e.g. An Imperial Guard regiment brings the Emporer's Light to a planet
> cut off by Warpstorms for a thousand years. As one of its motorised
> columns winds through the mountains an antiquated brass cannon slams
> an enormous round into the side of a Rhino as ancient mortars open
> fire from the reverse slope to start an avalanche. The infantry debus
> into the open to be met by withering bow fire from the tree line.
Would be plausible vs. everybody who uses cheap infantry, but armour and
heavy infantry would massacre the primitives 8)

> Nah, silly idea. About as likely as Custer being wiped out by a bunch
> of stone age people or Afghan tribemen defying one of the greatest
> military powers.
But Custer's troops weren't power armoured (and didnt the Amerindians
have a few guns by that stage?). As for Afghanistan, well, they werent
without modern tech were they? Those AK47s are incredibly common, and when
you're on familiar ground...

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