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> << Sorry to tell you this, but you're wrong. Behemoth was the first hibe
> fleet, and it was destrioyed at Macraagge (the ultra marine home world).
> Kraken is the second fleet, which have splitted into several
> smaller parts. Ilyaden fouught of one of those parts. Most of Hive fleet
> Kraken is sill out there....
> This is from Hive War, if you doubt me. >>
> I dont - i always get the names confusd... :-)
> One thing remains - I am sure that there were originall 3 hive fleets :
> Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathon. what has happened to the 3rd?

They don't mention Leviathon at all in Hive War......
But the fluff reading in Hive War was great. I just had to reread it when
I was digging for info in HW :-)
> Kris aspinall

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