[Epic] [E40k] Rampage question

From: Richard Dewsbery <dewsbery_at_...>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 11:31:44 +0100

Page 37 of the rulebook states "Rampage units are so berserk that they
may not retreat from combat. This means rampage units are always caught
by enemy and destroyed if they lose a close combat."

Example: a detachment containing some rampage units together with other
normal units fights a close combat. ASCII art below.
R - rampage unit
F - other friendly unit
E - enemy unit

        E E E E
        F R R
          E1 E2 E
          R F F


Note - R1 and R2 are more than 15cms from E1 and E2

The "rampaging" detachment loses, and the enemy scores 3 hits, all of
which are applied to the F-units. The R-units without numbers are also
destroyed - they cannot retreat, and have lost a close combat. What
happens to R1 and R2?
(a) They are also destroyed, beng part of a detachment which has lost a
close combat;
(b) They are broken, but not destroyed. Although they are not allowed
to retreat, they are already more than 15cms from the nearest enemy and
therefore safe from immediate elimination?

Do the rampage rules apply to firefights?

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