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Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 21:45:38 +0800

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>Erik Rutins wrote:
>> White Dwarf 210 is supposed to have:
>> Special abilities for the 'special' space marine chapters (i.e. Dark
>> Angels, Space Wolves, et. al.) for EPIC 40k.
>Oh bugger. It's starting already. I just hope this isn't true. I
>could cope with a guideline on forming SW detachments, but not giving
>them all the rampage ability for free, or creating the new "cheese"
>ability that allows them to kill any stand within a 5cm radius
>automatically or some such cobblers.

Hey, I was thinking of RavenWing Landspeeders, Bikes, Attack Bike with armor
value of 5+ to represent their jinking ability. Of course that is
compensated with an equivalent or even greater increase of points to balance
things out (survivability vs pt increase vs rules exception).

But it is kinda worrysome - Ragnar with Assault of 8, quadruple move for his
detachment, yadda, yadda, yadda.... Ghazkull Thraka, special - Waargghh
(save at 2+, add 2+ to close combat assault dice

One thing though, would listers mind if SW Blood Claws be given Rampage as
an additional ability over other special abilities but have to pay for it ?
Ala Khorne berserkers ? But that would really screw the Khorne berserkers
again (like in 40k).


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