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From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 10:27:13 +1000 (EST)

OK OK, right I will admit I was probably out of line with some of my
comments. Truly, no personal afront was intended. I will however stick
by my views, to me playing is far more important than painting, at least
in EPIC, this how I see it. EPIC slots into the area of company based
combat which uses neither detailed idividual figures (like 40k or Warzone)
or counters like huge scale games (sorry can't think of any examples at
the moment). EPIC infantry when on the table is largely generic, titans
are another matter. Nothing bores me more than painting a hundred or so
bases of infantry, even in a simple scheme. But I do gain some enjoyment
from painting and converting Titans or 40k minis for hours at a time.
The reason I play EPIC is to pit my skills, whatever they may be against
an opponent at a wargame, not a painting competition.
EPIC as realistic wargaming system has many faults none would deny that,
but who can name a realistic simulator of combat in the four hundredth
century :)
EPIC is a battlefield simulation of the warhammer 40000 universe, one we
love to hate. with bolters like peashooters. lascannon like waterpistols
and dumb guys running around in brightly coloured armour. But do we care?

Rob L.

PS. The next person to insult my painting gets an Imperator enema!

> ----> Counterpoints:
> #1, store people shouldn't be evaluating the quality of a paint job if
> they want to have anyone play in their store. Just have it painted as
> opposed to primered/bare metal. That said, it is their store and they
> can make the rules, but it's a stupid thing to do...
> #2 , are you playing this game because of it's excellent, well written
> rules ? Maybe because it's so economical ? No, I imagine you are
> playing it because of the visual aspect - most mini players are - and
> if you do like the look how can you possibly say painting doesn't
> matter? You could just play a boardgame or use counters and save
> yourself a ton of cash.
> I don't enter painting contests & I don't paint other people's mini's
> (though I have been asked) and when playing at a friend's house I
> don't care if the stuff is painted. When playing at a store or a con,
> however, if you are trying to bring in new players and show the game to
> other people, you will find a painted army is just about required. I
> like to check out other mini games when I see someone playing them, but
> if the mini's aren't even painted, how "into it" can the other people
> be? A whole new game might be cut some slack for a while, but if you're
> going to playing "out & about" try painting your stuff - it matters.Not
> the quality, (most mini's in the books etc are almost unplayable, or at
> least untransportable) , just putting some effort into it.
> Chris Miller
> "Watch for New Rants Soon"
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