Re: [Epic] Paint removal in Oz

From: Chris Weigt <Christopher.Weigt_at_...>
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 09:06:54 +1000 (EST)

On Sat, 17 May 1997, Antony Van Der Linden wrote:

> Hi all,
> Chris, there's been a bit of talk about this on the WHFB list of
> late so I can pass on a few things I read there.
> For hard core stripping on metal minis a lot of people seem to be using
> Brake fluid. Yep , that's right, I would never have thought of this, and I
> imagine its probably about as annoying to use as metho as far as fumes and
> so on are concerned.
Hmm, I'll have to consider that one (how much does the stuff cost? I dont
have a car so I've no idea).

> For plastic minis the consensus seems to be any pure alcohol like
> disinfectant. The one that keeps getting mentioned is Pine Sol which I
> gather is something like Pine-O-Clean in Oz. I think that nail-polish
> remover would probably work too.
That'd work on metal too, right? Just not quite as effectively as brake
fluid? That's the impression I got from your mail, but I better make sure
before I do something silly 8)
> A few years ago I tried to strip some Space Hulk Termies (placcy
> ones) and had horrid effects with metho. Anyone who knows these minis
> knows there isn't mmuch detail on them to start with. But once I had
> soaked them for a bit and then took to them with a toothbrush, well lets
> just say I never used them again.
Thats exactly the problem I'm having with some old metal terminators which
I got 2nd hand when I was first starting "the Games Workshop hobby"
*sarcasm* - the old boxed set of 8. Since one of my best friends up at
home plays 40k, I thought I'd get my 40k army done (approx 3000 points of
ultramarines, most of which I got second hand thankfully 8)

> Just an extra word, I think that most solvents will probably take out your
> superglue as well.
Thats fine, if I'm stripping something it probly needs cleaning up of mold
lines etc (I must have been blind when I started!). Plus the metal termies
are much easier to paint when they've got no arms, which I do seperately.

> PS Funny Chris that we're at the same Uni and have never met. I mean there
> aren't that many gamers in the whole city are there?
It's the whole inter-departmental thing, if you were doing geology or
geography/environmental science it'd be a different matter. Just keep your
eyes open for a medium-build, 6 or so foot tall guy in (usually) a metal
shirt of some description (good odds for metallica or sepultura) with his
hair tied back, that'd probly be me 8)
BTW, I'm nothing like the stereotype that most people assume!


> On Sat, 17 May 1997, Chris Weigt wrote:
> > Heya, could any of my fellow countrymen suggest a better method of
> > removing paint than methylated spirits? Keep in mind I need to do both
> > plastics (3 old warlord titans!) and metal (4 warhounds).
> > Any help muchly appreciated 8)
> > Adios,
> > Chris
> Thanks,
> Tony.
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