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From: Andreas Richert <aic_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 21:14:20 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 22 May 1997, Scott Shupe wrote:

> duckrvr_at_... wrote:
> >
> > It's the heavy arty needing to reload that bothers me. Combined with the
> > shorter range, that is seriously debilitating.
> Only against the IG's 125cm ranged arty. I don't
> think anyone else can beat the Cannon's 90cm range (equal,
> but not beat). Everyone's arty is going to disadvantaged
> when you're playing against IG.

Very true.
> > By the time they are within
> > range so that they can use their hvy barrage, they can receive heavy return
> > (or pre-emptive) fire. They are also both close and immobile during the
> > off-phase. These are NOT problems faced by all artillery. For example, the
> > Chaos units can't prep-fire IG arty units because of the range restrictions.
> > Another: IG hvy artillery has a 125+cm range (I don't remember specifics),
> > so you can pound someone and never have to worry about them reaching you.
> > You could even put them on overwatch _first turn_. They only need that 5cm
> > move to get on the board, as they will have range.
> But that's only against IG. No one else has 125cm
> ranged arty, AFAIK.

Arty' list:
Tyranids 60 cm Disrupt and Barrage
Chaos 90 cm Disrupt and Heavy Barrage
Eldar 90 cm Disrupt only
Orks 45 cm Disrupt and FP 2
SM 45 cm Barrage
IG 30 cm Barrage
                90 cm Barrage
                125 cm Heavy Barrage

Some of the above have minimum ranges that I didn't care to list....

In addition to this the Plauge Tower and one of the Ordinatus have 90 cm
weapons, but they ar the only WE's with that range.

> > I dont' recall how many points the Chaos arty is. I just remember looking
> > at the stats and being doubtful as to whether they were worth the points.
> 50 pts for Cannons (Hvy Brg, 90cm range), and I
> think Contagions cost 38? pts (Disrupt, 90cm range). I
> would probably prefer a normal barrage that could fire
> every turn as opposed to the heavy barrage, especially at
> that price, but oh well...

Contagions cost 31 pts. The advantage with Heavy B's is that you get more
of your fire pover used more quickly. I mean you can take out twice (well
more or less) as many units the first turn and that way keep them out of
the game one turn longer....

A.I.C. rules for CHAOS
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