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Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 09:11:56 +0730

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>4. (I know I know) Why haven't falcons got Anti tank for smegs sake??????
>and only carry one stand!!!!!! what has happened, ther're just as
>expensive as they used to be but are half as effective.

I know; I am thinking of coming up with a new Eldar vehicle (using the old
Falcon). GW has changed the function and form of Falcon so radically that
the old Falcon simply does not cut it. Instead of putting the old Falcon to
pasture, perhaps we should just come up with a new unit.

Likewise I am thinking about the Hive Tyrants - the new ones are so wimpy.
Maybe the HiveTyrants (the old ones) should just be called Hive Tyrant
Alplha - to represent their larger size and better attributes. Some
attributes like higher Assault Value etc.


>Rob L.
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