RE: [Epic] Girls Vs Gaming

From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 09:14:18 +1000 (EST)

>> Now there is a sensible guy. As much as I like gaming, girls are always
>> easy winner over them. I'm just one of the lucky ones that married that
>> thing, an understanding girl. Girlfriends are more fun then games. ;-D
> But games are easier to find :). Sigh. Where do all the people with understaind spouses/girlfriends live? Can't be around here.

We live in the land Down Under! My girl is very understanding, but is
at the end of her tether at the moment as I am waiting with baited breath
for a parcel from the U.S. to arrive and am like and excited little kid
about it! She's getting a bit tee'd off by it all.


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