Re: [Epic] Q&A 2 (and notes)

Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 22:51:43 -0500 (EST)

> Ok here is another thing to think about, if a unit that has
>a save (i.e. a hero) is snap fired at a 6 is rolled dose the Hero
>still get a save? Normaly I would say yes but if FP dosen't
>change any thing then well ......... This would make a person think
>about where one moves there Titans.
>>> Page 15 of the rule book (SNAP-FIRE)
>>> Second Paragraph:
>>> "The unit can move no further - the sudden burst of enemy fire cause it
>>> to halt. In addition the attacker rolls a D6 to see whether they get a
>>> hit. Note, you always roll 1D6, no matter what the Firepower of the
>>> attacker. If the D6 roll equals or beats the moving unit's Armour value
>>> it takes a hit in addition to being halted. The effect of hits is
>>> explained in the Shooting Phase."

The Snap-Fire rules do specifically state that the unit takes a hit.
Given that saves apply to any time a unit takes a hit, I would say you
definitely get your save (though you would still be halted if you
made it, since that is independent of the hit). The same would apply
to holofields and powerfields, which also block "hits".

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