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Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 23:01:25 -0500 (EST)

>> In the battle report from White Dwarf 208, Jervis shoots at the Bunker with
>> the Lifta Droppa on the Gargant and they state that he needs 4+ to hit and
>> destroy it. Yet not too much earlier he shoots at it and gains two hits,
>> which I assume would leave it with only 1 Damage left (they state it starts
>> with three). But after hitting it twice, Jervis still needs a 4+ to kill it
>> which seems to say that the intention of the Lifta Droppa was to roll over
>> the starting damage capacity. Does that help?
>(p.34 rules)
>SLD- The SLD is used to pick up vehicles and war engines, infantry units
>can't be picked up. In order to grab and lift a target you have to roll
>a D6 and beat its Damage Capacity (1 for vehicles; war engines have a DC
>of 3 or more depending on their type).
>The target can then be moved by up to 1cm for each point the D6 beats
>its Damage Capacity by before it is dropped. The dropped unit is
>destroyed automatically (roll for catastrophic damage on war engines).
>Anything dropped on takes 1 point of damage on a D6 roll of 4, 5, or 6.
>What occurs to me now is that in some twisted incomprehensible way the
>parenthetical explanation of DC in the SLD rules *might* be saying that
>a war engine is always treated as having at least 3 DC against a SLD.
>Q&A time.

Well that's it! I give up on this one. I have absolutely no inkling
of any vague, possible, remotely theorectical notion of how this rule
is supposed to work! Every time I settle on an answer, some busy
body throws out some ugly fact to spoil my neatly ordered theory ;)
Until I see a Q&A on this one, I will adamately refuse to shoot a
SLD at a damaged war engine. Another victory for avoidance learning.

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