Re: [Epic] Ork units that I miss.

From: David Lado <lado_at_...>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 17:20:30 -0400 (EDT)

>I miss a couple of the units from 2nd ed. so I have a couple of stat lines
>to fill in the gaps.
>Unit move FP range AV Armour Notes Points
>Tinbotz 10cm 2 15cm 2 5+ Close support 12
>Rokkit speedsta -as speedsta + Barrage- +12 points
>Braincrusha -as battlewagon + Barrage- 24
>Squig catapult 15cm disprupt 30cm 0 4+ Artillery 22

I don't know about the braincrusha. The old version fired 1 shot 100 cm
hitting on a 3+ with a -3 save mod. This sounds more like an AT shot than
a barrage.

A few weeks back, some of us batted around some ideas for the missing ork
units. A few of my favorites were:

Unit move FP range AV Armour Notes Points
Blitzwagon 25 cm 2 45 cm 1 5+ trans as b-wagons 20
wildboyz 10 cm 0 n/a 2 4+ 5
Shokk Att Gunz 10 cm disrupt 90 cm 0 4+ 20
nobz bikes (bikes w/hero upgrade) +5

I think these could be easily incorperated into the army lists:

Blitzwagons include any battlewagon without a close assault weapon I would
personally add braincrushas here too). Fielded anywhere where Battlewagons
can be taken (they are basically a type of battlewagon).

Squig catapults and Shokk Attakk Gunz could be fielded as Big Gunz mobs

Nobz bikes are an upgrade to bikes.

Wildboyz can be fielded only in infantry detachments (not KOS or commander).
A max of 2 wildboyz mobz can be taken per detachment. I.e., the detachment
list should read: "up to 2 mobz of 1-4 wildboyz"

Tinbotz could be fielded as support for infantry detachments:
"one mob of 1-2 tinbotz"

Other units that we talked about but I personally never was satisfied with
are dragstas and madboyz. In both cases, we found it was hard (if not
impossible) to strike a balance between the function and feel of the old
unit and the simplicity and lack of special rules of e40k. I would be
interested in how madboyz work in 40k (assuming they exist).

My personal favorites (but far from a concensus) are:

--Madboyz: stats as ork boyz. Cost: 5pts.

Special rulez. At the start of the ork turn, the ork player must roll an
orders dice for the madboyz mob, the result indicating the orders the
madboyz will have for the turn (treat "!" as normal movement). Madboyz
automatically take these orders and do not have to roll a leadership test.

Notes: If the madboyz are broken as a result of the orders roll, they give
up VP as normal until rallied.

Detachment structure:

Madboyz form a seperate detachment type:

Command: choose one unit to act as the HQ: +25 pts
Main force: chose up to 10 madboyz mobs of 1-4 madboyz each.
Support: None

Only one madboyz mob may be fielded per side (all the madboyz in the ork
army gather together in a single mob).

--Dragsta: stats as speedsta. Cost +22 pts

Special rulez. Any vehicle/stand (including the dragsta itself) which is
entirely within 6 cm of the dragsta gains a save. Units with saves (such
as nobz) gain no benefit.

Is there anyone we've forgotten?
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