Re: [Epic] Just how big is a 10,000 point army

From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 17:35:01 -0700

Mark Leaman wrote:
> I'm new to the entire GW hobby.

AGH! It's Wargaming, Dammit, not a GW Hobby!
Sorry, no flame intended, I just see one poor benighted soul being
convinced that GW = Wargaming just as MacDonalds = Food to some.

> I merely hope to build up a 10,000 point force of my own, to join in the fun.

And you've just started. May this wizened old codger be allowed to state
his senile opinion? Thank you.

10,000 pts in E40K is too much for one novice to handle, UNLESS a lot of
it is in Titans. 10K in E40K is about the same as 15K in SM2. It's quite
a lot. You really need at least a table-tennis table (8x4) and
preferrably 2 of them for a game this big. More to the point, with a
huge number of units to use, you are bound to forget some, or slow the
game to a crawl, or both. It's not the points, it's the sheer number of
> points. I'm on my way. I've got 3 thunderhawks, and one of each Space
> Marine metal blister (new ones), and one extra sprue of Space Marines in
> addition to the armor units and infantry units that came in the box. The
> trouble is, I fall short being able to only muster about 5,000 more
> points of troops. Should I make up the difference in more Warlords, or
> go for more of the blisters? If so, which do you recommend and what
> combinations?

Is money a concern? Without knowing a budget, I can't give too much
Are you out to WIN or just have fun? Again, this will change the

Assuming unlimited budget and winning is everything, get 10
plus 5 more sprues of SMs, WD 210, and paint everything Space Wolf Grey.
And when they come out, add another 20 Marauders and Thunderbolts.

Assuming limited budget, and you want to learn how to play well, I'd
prowl around trying to get 2nd hand Titans. You definitely need more
packs, I'd recommend 2 of SM Infantry and 2 of vehicles. Try to get some
more Rhinos too, maybe by buying 2nd hand an old Space Marine set (which
had dozens of em and hundreds of infantry).

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