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>---"Miller, Chris" wrote:
>> Final thought: Although I never saw one fielded locally, a leman
>russ co
>> might
>> work pretty well in this situation. I believe it has one 4+ main gun.
>I am the (sad) owner of a Leman Wuss company. The main gun needs a

That's "LEMON WUSS" company dude, and I know how you feel...


>_5+_ to hit, making it a pretty bad choice the IG for their mainstay
>tank. I only bought it about a year ago; it was always a better
>option to field a Land Raider co. (same cost, better save, better
>morale, better weapons), but it got to the point where I just said
>"stuff it, I'm going to have some character in my army", and so bought
>the Wusses for that reason. I regretted it. In their first battle,
>they were wiped out after causing no (yes, NO) casualties. And I used
>them "correctly". The 3+ save was always going to get them killed
>easilly. However, since I got E40K, I've been quite happy, as Leman
>Wusses have now become true Leman Russes, and I've got about 12 or so
>in my IG army to throw in with my infantry.
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