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From: Michael & Catherine Goh <cmgoh_at_...>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 20:48:41 +0800

Hello ... I'm new to the mailing list, because of the volume that goes
through, I don't know how long I will stay on though - not enough time to
read all of the stuff. I've been playing Games Workshop games since 1989 -
and have played all of the versions of epic to date. I only purchased the
latest version a few weeks ago and have had only three games to date. I
know it is a bit premature to gloat about tactical prowess or anything like
that, but I have so far been undefeated (at least let me gloat while it
remains true). I play Eldar, and have done so since about 2 months of
getting into WH40K (starting off with the Womble Marines). I have played
Tyranids in the last game that I played and dealt a convincing defeat to the
poor Imperials. So far, some my friends believe that I'm just playing with
powerful armies which must be "cheesy". To prove that this is not true, I
am going to play my next game using the Imperial army (which I think is
better than the Tyranids or Eldar - but Eldar look good).

I am a little disappointed with the Nightspinners of the Eldar though, I
think that they are much too costly compared to other disruption units.
They cost more than twice that of a biovore, for x1.5 the range. I think
that disruption troops are great - but only in lots of numbers. When I
played using the Tyranids I had around 16 of them pounding away on overwatch
at some Shadowswords until my detachment of Exocrines crawled up and
eliminated them.

I think that one thing I miss the most out of all of the versions of epic is
stepping on people. In the "first" edition when Knights first came out and
we tried them out, we had a household of Imperial Knights treading through
massed formations of infantry. Being on charge orders meant that we didn't
get to kill many, but things like that were FUN.

Michael Goh
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