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From: Keith Shuler <keith.shuler_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:25:23 -0400

  What's the problem with Epic 40,000? I just joined the list today
(7/16/97). Looks pretty interesting to me, but I would like your comments.
That is unless I'm opening a can of worms that all of you have gone
through already. I think Space Marine battles on a large scale would be
interesting. Granted they would not be as detailed in the weapons
choices, etc., but that wouldn't be that bad. If it got as detailed as the
man-to-man stuff in WH40K, it would end up looking like the Advanced
Squad Leader section of my gaming self and I would have that same
dazed and confused look on my face that I get after trying to understand
ASL combat rules involving caves. If they loose a little detailing in the
transition, that doesn't mean they have to discard the "flavor" of the
game. Brave desperate heroes defending the Empire (or toppling it
depending on your troop preference). I'm interested in comments, unless
as I said before, you folks have already beaten this horse to within an
inch of its life.

Keith Shuler
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