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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 08:36:10 +0200 (MET DST)

At 10:25 AM 16/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
> What's the problem with Epic 40,000? I just joined the list today
>(7/16/97). Looks pretty interesting to me, but I would like your comments.
>That is unless I'm opening a can of worms that all of you have gone
>through already. I think Space Marine battles on a large scale would be
>interesting. Granted they would not be as detailed in the weapons
>choices, etc., but that wouldn't be that bad. If it got as detailed as the
>man-to-man stuff in WH40K, it would end up looking like the Advanced
>Squad Leader section of my gaming self and I would have that same
>dazed and confused look on my face that I get after trying to understand
>ASL combat rules involving caves. If they loose a little detailing in the
>transition, that doesn't mean they have to discard the "flavor" of the
>game. Brave desperate heroes defending the Empire (or toppling it
>depending on your troop preference). I'm interested in comments, unless
>as I said before, you folks have already beaten this horse to within an
>inch of its life.
>Keith Shuler

It's not so much that 2nd edition is vastly superior to E40K, it's more that
E40K is sooooo superfluous!

After 5-10 years of play testing, of answering player's questions, of fine
tuning - it would have been possible to release a 3rd Edition EPIC that was
quite literally faultless.

Instead, GW tossed the baby out with the bath water, wrote E40K from scratch
(borrowing heavily from a varirty of games - only some of which they hold
the copyrite for...) and spat heavily upon the folks who have supported 2nd
Ed for so long.

GW: "All of the figures from 2nd Ed will be compatible with E40K"
Except that half (or more "aren't significant on the EPIC scale" and aren't
included in the E40K rules. Perhaps "compatible" refered to the fact that
they were the same scale?

GW: "Infantry will be completely compatible"
Again, what little of it remains... It might be true that the shape of the
base doesn't matter to most folks, but it would not be true universally...

Of course, the folks who owned 2nd Ed aren't important to GW because they've
already spent their money. What they (GW) needed was a new game with a
whole new target audience - hence E40K. (And the figures are so coool, you
won't mind paying more for less... Unquote.)

It may well be a fine game. It may even be "the best game we've (GW) ever
produced" but it sure hasn't grabbed anyone in my gaming circles...

As you can no doubt tell, I believe that they (GW) have taken something that
wasn't broken and "fixed" it.

No, I haven't bought the game. No I don't intend to...

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