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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 00:15:02 PDT

>But you seem to omit one thing.. in 40k one cannot fire into hand to
>unless you take hits also...and... your must follow targeting rules
>40k... Size Class... oviously this was disregarded in the new
>also.. blast markers don't even exist in 40k
>now one more thing... Where did the Hand to hand phase go?? oviously
>game has none..
>just 3 shooting phases.. kinda leaves the tyranids hanging in the
>1. Shooting phase (not including special orders)
>2. Assault phase (now i think this is rieally just another
>3. Fire fight phase (geez shoot up more hand to hand troops won't
>I wana use these phases in 40k and wolf guards they'll never

Yes, you're right. There are big differences between Epic 40k and

Warhammer 40k... But don't you think it's because Epic 40k is not

Warhammer 40k : you can't have the same rules for a game about

"skirmishes" and a game about whole armies fighting for planets...
You can't find the same degree of realism in the two games.

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