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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 04:27:28 +0200 (MET DST)

At 04:14 PM 18/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Actually, I think you were a bit hard on 2ed. The rules were fairly
>>sound, they only broke down on a few ocations, You mentioned one.
>>Of course there were lots of special rules that did not cause
>>arguments and were still fun. For instance weirdboyz, Deathstalkers,
>>deamons causing fear, the Avatar, these all added a little to the
>>game without having a big effect.
>Well, maybe. But in my experience the rules broke down alot, and it
>wasn't until you had played within a group for a couple months that
>you developed enough house rules and unwritten assumptions to finish
>a game without a rules problem cropping up.
>Also, I felt like someone had to advocate the game, since all the
>other posts were bashing it.

What does that tell you? (Just kidding... :-)

> I also thought that alot of critism
>was not really very relevant to the original question at hand
>(i.e. which game should a new player buy). Complaining that e40k
>sucks because the old minis aren't compatable and it "just doesn't
>feel like the old Space Marine" isn't very relevent to a person
>who hasn't ever played SM/TL.

But letting them know that they are buying a money spinner rather than a war
game might be...

If GW dropped EPIC pre40K when it became ecconomic to do so, what makes
anyone think that they won't drop E40K when it suits them?

I would have thought that the way GW "support" their customers IS VERY
RELEVANT to someone getting into the game for the first time...

>While it is true there are fewer
>unit types in e40k, I just wanted to point out that there is a
>very big down side to all that variation.
>And then there were all the really nasty cheese you could pull on

I won't ask if you believe E40K to be free of cheese - I will instead ask
how often you have been defeated by outrageous cheesemongering?

In my experience, there is only one outrageous cheesemonger in my area (I
guess all long timers remember the 28 Shock Attack Gun debacle I wrote
about?) and I simply take it as a challenge - who cares if you are beaten by
outrageous cheesemongering? What does it prove? It proves that your
oponent is a cretin who needs an advantage like that to win.

Very few people are prepared to admit their tactical incompetance by
resorting to 20 wave serpents, frex.

Btw, the Shock Attack Gun dude's other army is 30 Overlords - be afraid. Be
very afraid!

(What's the best thing about E40K? NO SQUATS!! :-)

> Land 3 thunder hawks behind an enemies line. Out come
>the chaos marines. The first takes over your best unit, which
>then proceeds to blow the hell out of your second best unit. For
>good measure, it eats a vortex missle, and then 2/3s of your
>largest infantry unit get wiped out by a plague fart. Okay now
>it's your turn. Which is just as well, because otherwise chaos
>would never stand a chance against those 20 waveserpents...
>Ooops, I'm starting to froth again ;). Seriously, it really is
>an excellent game, but to call it "flawless" is a stretch.

That's true, but if you recall I said that they had the chance to release a
"faultless" game (and blew it), not that they had already done so...

(And I feel the same way about the Net EPIC project a while back [stil
current I guess] - they[we?] MIGHT have created THE faultless Epic, instead
they [NOT "we"] created a new game entirely...)


> It's
>just that people have grown so accustomed to the fixes, they
>forget the problems ever existed. But new players have to go
>through that experience, and I don't think it's worth it since
>e40k is much easier and it's just as fun.
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