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Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 04:54:40 +0200 (MET DST)

At 04:41 PM 19/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>> I also thought that alot of critism
>>>was not really very relevant to the original question at hand
>>>(i.e. which game should a new player buy). Complaining that e40k
>>>sucks because the old minis aren't compatable and it "just doesn't
>>>feel like the old Space Marine" isn't very relevent to a person
>>>who hasn't ever played SM/TL.
>>But letting them know that they are buying a money spinner rather
>>than a war game might be...
>First, both games are (were) money spinners. Second, what qualifies
>as "better" is very much a matter of opinion. Personally, when given
>the choice of more unit options versus better game mechanics, I'll
>take good fundamental mechanics over fluff.
>>If GW dropped EPIC pre40K when it became ecconomic to do so, what makes
>>anyone think that they won't drop E40K when it suits them?
>So it's your suggestion that they play a game that is no longer even
>in print? This hardly works in SM/TLs favor, GW _may_ abandon e40k in
>the future, but they already _have_ abandoned SM/TL.
>>I would have thought that the way GW "support" their customers IS VERY
>>RELEVANT to someone getting into the game for the first time...
>It is improtant, and so it is very relevent that they know that SM/TL
>is not a supported game system. Just try finding Wildboyz, or
>madboyz now.

For the record my point was "it doesn't actually matter in the long term
because eventually both games will be unsupported".

At this moment, he obviously has the option of going either way or he
wouldn't ask the question...

And try and remember that my advise on the matter was "get the game that
your gaming crowd will be using"...


> If your point is "GW sucks" than that is hardly
>relevent on which game to buy, unless you are advocating he buy
>neither and stick to 40k?

It's not my primary point, but it is my secondary point. If people don't
like what GW are doing then it is a reasonable strategy to stop supporting
them until they do. If the world wide gaming community stopped buying GW
stuff, then they would change their ways or perish...


>>In my experience, there is only one outrageous cheesemonger in my area (I
>>guess all long timers remember the 28 Shock Attack Gun debacle I wrote
>>about?) and I simply take it as a challenge - who cares if you are beaten by
>>outrageous cheesemongering? What does it prove? It proves that your
>>oponent is a cretin who needs an advantage like that to win.
>>Very few people are prepared to admit their tactical incompetance by
>>resorting to 20 wave serpents, frex.
>Actually, I have to admit this is true. The players I have played have,
>by and large, not fielded cheesy armies (at least not that I considered
>cheesy). They've been good guys who just want to play a good game. I
>also have to admit that players who actively tried to cheese out were
>generally not very good.
>Ultimately, no matter which game you choose, it's the quality of the
>people play that decides the fun.
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