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Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 02:36:09 -0400 (EDT)

Excerpts from Epic: 19-Jul-97 Re: [Epic] E40K:Tyranids Su.. by Felipe
> well does the rule about retreating 20cm when beaten aslo include that
> the unit is considered to be broken? if so does it also state that it
> must move the full 20cm?

You never have to move the full 20 cm; you could even move zero, though
that'll just get you killed.

Quote from "Broken Detachments" on page 28 of the Rulebook:

---cut here---

Mark broken deatchments with the Order dice. A detachment becomes broken if:

i. It loses a close combat.
ii. It loses a firefight.

A broken detachment must retreat when it breaks...<snip>

A retreat move may be up to 20 cm, regardless of a unit's actual speed.
Retreat moves may be made in any direction, and the normal terrain rules
apply, but if a unit ends a retreat within 15 cm of the enemy, it is
---cut here---

Note that *any* detachment making a retreat move is destroyed if it ends
its move within 15 cm of the enemy; it does not have to be broken. So
when a Tyranid detachment that loses a close combat or a firefight
retreats ("must retreat as normal") each unit gets to move anywhere from
0 to 20 cm, and must end that move more than 15 cm away from any enemy
or be destroyed.

                    Aaron Teske
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