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From: Giancarlo Mauri <mauri_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 22:16:36 +0200 (METDST)

About my chaotic deeds David wrote:
>The inquisition has been notified.
But this is not going to shake me anyway
And then

>>Aside from this I am going to begin a large summer campaign in many games:
>>1) Battletech: how do you say this word?
>>You say "ch" as in match, witch, watch, and all the other English words I
>>can remember or you say it "k" as in technology?
>It's pronounced as a K. It is an abreviation of technology.


>>2) GW: What exactly is this Rogue Trader I often hear speaking about on the
>Rouge trader is the first (?) incarnation of WH40K. It is a neat game
>with a terribly written rules set and awesome art (IMO). The idea is
>actually fairly different from the current 40k. Each player had a band
>of merchants (rouge traders) that flew around the galaxy fighting other
>rouge traders. The first suppliments were basically rouge traderz of
>other races (freebooterz for orks). Your troops weren't actually
>part of the official imperial army, and the game had much more of an
>RPG feel to it.
I think I saw Realms of Chaos in a dusty corner of a bookstore in Milano,
so I will go for it because it sounds intresting, maybe the rules are
useless without RT, but it could be a source of inspiration.

>>3) RPG: since E40K is not coming in Italy unlil September, and I have a
>>well established RPG group I would like to know if a RPG based on the 40K
>>(not fantasy battles) universe has ever been produced.
>Can't help you here. I heard of a very unsuccessful 40k RPG (out of print)
>but I might be confusing it with Warhammer Rollplay (fantasy). Rouge
>trader is almost an RPG.

Other people gave me equally faint traces of hope, so I think I will try to
scratch-build a set of rules.
I think I will have to center them on Inquisitors or something like that.

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