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Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 02:37:07 +0200 (MET DST)

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>David Lado wrote:
>> > Dethstrike darn well better be one-shot! The missile is one-shot
>> > on a titan, how do you propose to reload it on a vehical. As for
>> > Pulsas I'd look at the points value, if they are really cheap,
>> > they are one-shot, if not, they fire every turn. I think they are
>> > not one-shot now, because they don't do anything kool anymore,
>> > they are just disrupt weapons.
>> Otay. Here it is from the Tome of Arcane Wisdom (the Battles book) p. 17:
>> "Finally, there are the one-shot Dethstrike missle launchers. They
>> cary huge Vortex missles, similar to those mounted on the carapaces
>> of Battle Titans. These are the ultimate tank hunters, able to crush
>> squardrons of enemy tanks or inflict crippling damage on war engines
>> with a single deadly shot"
> The description of 'Vortex' at the back of the Rules
>book also states that it is "one-shot".
>> That's as clear as it's gonna get. It says they are one shot, but
>> never really defines what that means (typical GW).
> Uhm... that you get one shot with it? Seems kinda
>self explainitory to me. But it could be the case that since
>the term already had a well-known definition in the previous
>edition, the designers didn't bother to think that new players
>might not know what it means.
>> As for the Pulsa rokkits, page 46, no mention is made of them being
>> one-shots, so presumabley they are not.
> Pulsas are priced similarly to Support Weapons, and
>have similar stats (but switch AT for Disrupt). So it would
>stand to reason that they are not one shot weapons. Besides,
>there's really nothing in the rules to indicate they are
>(just the appearance of the model).

And the fact that they were in 2nd Edition, but who remembers that? <sigh>


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