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Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 16:22:00 +0200 (METDST)

>You wrote :
>>Does anyone have any E40k scenarios they'd be willing to share with
>>me? We're
>>just getting into e40k here and would like some that aren't of the
>Sorry I havn't got any good ones but I'm very interested in this
>How do you create a well balanced scenario for Epic? I'm fed up with
>only "xxxx points vs xxxx points" battles (I think it's the same problem
>I have with backgrounds, I like to know why I'm fighting even
>for little battles...).
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One basic idea about a scenario is that A has got more points than B, but
this advantage is offset by different victory conditions, for example
player A has to:
- Kill a very fortified player B (siege scenario)
- Move some of his troops across B table edge (blitz scenario)
- Win despite the fact his larger army is arriving in multiple turns (wawe
assault scenario)
- Win decisively before B receives reinforcements, or simply in a short
number of turns.
- Retrieve an item in a building before B steals it or destroys it

For example I played a scenario where a 3000 points Squat Army had to fight
off a 6000 poins Tyranid army coming in 3 wawes from a completely terrain
empty table edge.
I began thinking tyranids (2nd ed) as BIG CHEESE, when their first 2000
points wawe WON a shooting match against the squat: I only say that it was
impossible to wound more than once the Dominatrix, and that in the Orders
Phase the Colussus was destroyed by a Psychic Barrage Hive Mind card (He
made 6, I made 2).

The other basic idea behind scenarios is about not points but army selection,
so you have:
- Side A with bikes or tanks, side B with artillery or HQ. (Raid scenario)
- Side A with bikes or tanks, side B with a nice airstrip with landed
aircrafr who have to take off to kill A
- Side A with anything, Side B with anything+ experimental units that A has
to destroy (Playtesting scenario :))
- Both sides with absolutely mismatched units (each player chooses other
player's army)
- And more, more, more.

I hope at leas some of thi Ideas will be useful for you.

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