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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 08:32:11 +1000

>Unfotunately I don't have any Weirdboy Tower... Perhaps some little
>conversion on a standard battlewagon could solve the problem.

Also, as somone pointed out earlier, you can't take your Pulsa Rokkits and
Shokk Attak Gunz in the same Bad Moonz Clan as there is a restriction of 1
Mekboy support card per clan (except Evil Sunz who can have 2 and the Kult
of Speed who can have all 5).

And yes: convert a spare battlewagon. That's what I did until the
miniature was released (yes, I have been playing for THAT long).

>Short range shooting? I thought that the only correct order for them should
>be the Charge one...

Not always. My Goff have hunkered down in cover and shot up the enemy as
they approached. Worked a treat too as the enemy fell into my cunningly
laid trap....

>> I don't like Goffs as EVERY time I
>>have used them in CC against any foe, weaker or more powerful, they get
>Oh! I've fought Goffs once. I was used to fight Eldar Guardians and I
>thought that my Marines where the best tactical troops in close assault...
>Then Goffs came and I understood that I had to be cautious with this kind of
>unit... :(

I know, I know. I guess I just suck when I am rolling for my Goffs.

>I know that bikes could be out of command easily but I want to use them to
>support the Goffs as they can react quickly. I don't know if sending them
>far away from my main line is a good idea.

That's fair enough. But I myself like the Nobs Warbikes better. Better
CAF, better guns, can command and can operate independantly if needed for
only 150 points extra. Bargain.

>>"Strength in numbers" is the key to winning with the Orks. And most of
>>their firepower is short-ranged so don't get caught in a long-ranged
>>firefight. You will lose.
>I have some extra stands of boyz and gretchins which could be used to
>increase the Break Point of my clans.

Good plan. Your big Break Point is the key to winning. Use it.

>Thank you very much for your help.

Anytime. I like to hear from other Ork players.

>The battle will certainly take place on saturday, the second of october, I
>will post a short battle report.

Cool. Look forward to it.
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