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Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 09:45:44 +1100

>Hi, I'm new to warhammer epic 40k and know nothing about it except that
>it's like 40k but smaller. My GW "primary" armies are an Orc & Goblin WFRP
>horde, a 40k Ork horde and a soon to be Orc & Goblin Blood Bowl team, and a
>soon to be Orc & Goblin Mordheim Army (should be released soon). I need
>some tips to start a an Epic Ork army so If anyone could help me.

Tips from the Grand Warlord NobJobz about playing Orks in NetEpic
(NOT Epic40K):

Boyz. Lotsa boyz. Neva can have too many boyz. Whotcha do is pick a Klan
youze like an' den get lotsa boys standz for it. Den look at whot speshul
stuff dey get. Den get sum of dat too.

Me persunal favorits is da Bad Moonz. Flashy gitz wiff big gunz. Big gunz
is good. Rememba dat in Klose Kombat, you stuff up, you die, but wiff
shootin', you stuff up you only miss (except if dose stoopid Mekboyz has
been playing wiff your Bolta too much!), so I alwayz puts me faith in
shootin'. While I don't trust 'em, dose Weirdboy Battletowerz is real
shooty! Just make sure youze has got plenty of protekshun for dem so da
enemy don't blow dem up (like a Dragsta to cover it) and dat youse got
enuff boyz ta power it. Also, I love dem Shokk Attak Gunz. Dey really
kick butt! Nuffin' funnier dan blowin' up a big tank or dread by having
Snotling break it. Hurr hurr. Funny. And don't forget da Ork Dreadz.
Dey cost ya da same as a Kard of Boyz, but dey is shootier and thumpier in
Klose Kombat and dey gets a save! Good value! Plus, I loves me Stompas!
Dey's tuff, thumpy and shooty. What else do ya need?

Me uvva Klans dat I likes in order is: Deathskullz ('coz dey pinch everyone
else's stuff [i.e. they can use any clan-specific cards]), Kult o' Speed
('cos dey is really, really fast and get lotsa Mekboy stuff), Snakebitez
('cos dey get dem kool Boarboyz and sum weird stuff), Evil Sunz ('cos dey
is real fast and gt some good stuff to boot), Goffz ('cos dey is pretty
good at duffin' fings in Klose Kombat) and den Blood Axes (cos dey kan get
dem Kommandoez and sum kool 'Oomie stuff!).

Gargants, speshully Great onez, is your backbone. Dey gives ya all da good
shooty bitz and is real tuff to boot. Plus, I likes to get lotz of dat
long-range shooty stuff, 'cos shootin' is safer den Klose Kombat. So I
likes ta use BrainKrushaz, SkullHammaz, SpleenRippaz, Shokk Attak Gunz,
Weirdboy Battletowerz and Pulsa Rokkits is all good long-range shootin'
stuff. Sit 'em wiff some Nobz or a Boss Gargant an' let 'em shoot anyfink
dat moves while da rest of your boys is headin' in ta duff fings up and
pinch doze objektive fings. An' don't forget ta use da Mekboy vehicles and
Mekboy Repair Kards. Dey can tip da balance of da game for ya. Some of
doze Mekboy Speedstaz is really handy.

Don't get me wrong, I likes a good Klose Kombat duffin', so's I leads da
Kult o' Speed and da boyz and dreadz and thumpy Klose Kombat stuff into da
enemy so's we can pinch dem objektive fings, but its good to have dem
softened up before ya getz dere so ya needs da good, long-range shooty stuff.

Other stuff I suggestz ya use is da free stuff, like dem Freebootaz and
Madboyz. I puts Freebootaz in a Battlefortess and race 'em off afta a
remote objektive and let 'em take it an' hold it. Dens I kan worry about
given da rest of da enemy a good duffin' (just tells 'em da dere's buried
treasure out dere and dat dese boyz in da big tank will give 'em a lift).
Da Madboyz I puts out of da way an' letz 'em do whatever dey wants.
Sometimes dey's a big help, uvva times dey is a real pain. Don't worry
about 'em, just laughs at 'em.

Da last fing I'll tells ya is ta use Battlewagonz! Boyz is slow when dey
gotta walk everywhere, so use Battlewagons ta get 'em around! Da fasta
youze gets 'em inta da fight, da less da enemy can shoot at 'em.

Hope dat all helps ya, but come onta my turf and I'll gives ya a good kickin'!

-Grand Warlord NobJobz
(a.k.a. Kelvin)
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