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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:19:07 +1100

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>(flame on)
>Are the Weirdboy BattleTowers still the ultimate super-cheap, super-powerful
>unit in NetEpic like they were in Epic Space Marines? For a mere 100 points
>you would get 6 - 8 shots that hit on a 2+ and had a -6 save modifier. What
>a crock. Each one of these had more firepower than a Warlord Titan and it
>was 1/9th the cost. If you couldn't win with Orks and their Weirdboy Towers
>you couldn't win with anything.
>(flame off)

<SIGH!!!> No, they are not QUITE so cheap anymore. As Peter said, they
are now 200 points instead of 100. The thing with the Weirdboy Towers that
people never looked at where the drawbacks to them are. Everyone simply
looked at the power table and what they could end up doing once they were
charged. Here are the negatives to them:

1. They DON'T start the battle with any charge in them whatsoever.

2. They are pretty soft targets.

3. They are largish targets.

4. If you want it to survive 'till it can collect the energy to shoot
with, it needs to live in cover or be shielded by a Dragsta (if the former,
it cannot shoot next turn until the Advance phase as it must move out from
behind cover, thus becomming a BIG target).

5. It is PART of the Bad Moonz boys mob. It is NOT a seperate unit!
Therefore it follows the same orders as the rest of the boyz. Thus, to use
its firepower you sometimes have to sacrifice the rest of the firepower of
the Klan or sacrifice the Klan's mobility.

6. To get the really good firepower you need a helluva lot of orks around
it, thus, bunching up your troops for some heavy barrages.

7. To get the really good firepower you need a helluva lot of energy which
pushes you into the danger zone for a "'Eadbang". This has a 1 in 6 chance
of happening. I've lost LOTS of Orkz to that!

8. It is a Bad Moonz only unit meaning only the Bad Moonz and Deathskullz
can take them, so they ended up being fairly rare anyways.

Even at 100points, they really weren't as bad as everyone thought (but I
too think they are more balanced at 200). Sure, they could kick arse when
fully charged and I've dished out my share of devastation with them, but
they can also be a collossal waste of time and points. I've broken my OWN
Bad Moonz Klan with one! Plus I've lost plenty of battles with them on my
side both with them being devastating and useless in the battle. The
Weirdboy Battletowerz aren't all THAT bad. You just need to know the ins
and outs of them and know how to deal with them/use them.


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