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From: Andrea Pieretti <a.pieretti_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:25:48 +0100 (MET)

Thank you Peter

If you can , please send me the stats for eldar & chaos
(the next army I'm going to paint)
I'll waiting for the revised heresy rules


Andrea Pieretti

"The cost of quality may be expensive,
but the cost of non-quality is non-existence"

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Peter

> Hi!
> Andrea Pieretti wrote:
> > Hi
> > I've got some questions for you concerning Heresy.
> > I feel this should be a very good game for 6mm sci-fi
> > I'll try your game as soon as possible.
> > (actually I have only IG & eldar army ready for battle,
> > but there are no stats for the eldar sigh!)
> > Nonetheless there are some things i would like to pone to your attention
> Actually the eldar and chaos lists are ready, I'm just waiting to finish them
> all before ai release them, but if you want to try them out I can send them to
> you.
> > 1) I believe that some guidelines must be present in any game
> > (and you did it for example asking a system with ten-sided dice) but
> > why if for the shooting and close combat, the highest rolls
> > means good results , for morale this is exactly inverted, i.e.
> > the lower the roll the best the result ?.
> We talked this over and it was because to do what you ask then good morale
> values need to be low number and that contrasts with the rest of the system
> where good stats are always high numbers, then again there will be the
> exception of the accuracy stat where high is not good. There is no feasable
> and simple manner to make all stats with high numbers be good and need to roll
> high for a good result. Some compromise neded to be made. But thats not to bad
> since all games out there need to do this.
> >
> > (in D&D and AD&D there is the same controversy for hit rolls & save
> > rolls)
> > I think for example, that a morale value of 4
> > (save 1,2,3,4 i.e. 4/10) can be changed to 7
> > (7,8,9,10 i.e. 4/10), obviously this is not a real change.
> > Also all positive modifiers will be good and all negative will be bad.
> Hmmm.. I think you have an older version of the rules, morale values are high
> numbers now a marine for example has a morale value of 7/6/5. So I guess I
> changed things to reflect what you are stating anyway!
> > 2) I'haven't found a specific rules concerning the fractions,
> > I think that should be explicit written that all fractions must be rounded
> > up (for example).
> > (this is vacant for movement restrictions)
> True, I have added this to specific rules where fractions may be involved
> stating round up or round down, since a universal rounding up or down may not
> be appropriate in all circumstances.
> > 3) For initiative rolls in a case of a tie ?
> > I think it's possible to use the epic rule that says :
> > "the previous turn loser, in a case of a tie will be the winner".
> As it stands its re-roll until there is a winner, but this could work too.
> > 4) In the explample of aerial combat the marines receiveid
> > a +1 for their hit rolls but you wrote that they obtained 1,2,4,5,6,6 and
> > 8
> > this should be translated as 2,3,5,6,7,7 and 9 ?
> I'll recheck but you may have an older incorrect version, but yes your
> assumption is correct.
> > 5) Why if you stated that the "the role of the ground troop
> > commander is more concerned about the
> > targets the thrusters shuold be attacking than the method
> > they should be using to do the job and the orders reflect that."
> > you apply the highest-ranking leader's leadership bonus
> > for initiative rolls ?
> >
> I recheck the rules and cant find it, it must have been changed since major
> editing was done not too long ago. Onverall you add the highest ranking
> leaders bonus to all initiative checks during the game phases, in aerial
> combat having the initiative gives you combat bonuses. All is explained step
> by step now in the rules since they were unclear or had errors/omissions.
> Once I release everything there will be an extensive explanation of what went
> on and what changed, suffice to say when you get the newer rules I urge you to
> carefully re-read everything since playtesting and troubleshooting has
> modified the rules substancially in some areas.
> Overall the game has maintained a high degree or lethality and decisiveness
> which is very pleasing.
> Peter
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