[NetEpic ML] Re: What's the best way to paint?

From: James Beadle <james_beadle_at_...>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 19:02:58 -0800

Okay, once you get the picture its not really difficult at all, but does
take some practice. Here is my method in total for infantry. I spray the
unit on the base using a flat fine grain spray paint (flat paints will hold
the other paints you want to use on the miniture in the future, gloss paints
get thier gloss due to a smooth surface and will not hold addtional paint
worth a darn). Then, using a modeling kife I cut the infantry from the sprus
and put them in the bases. Using an older brush I choose my drybrush color
(typically a lighter shade of the base color) I drybrush the minitures.

Drybrushing is done by dabbing a small ammount of paint on the end of the
brush, then dabbing the loaded brush onto a dry surface (I use paper towels)
until it dosen't appear to contain much paint at all, then lightly wipe the
tip of the paint brush over the surface of the mini. What this does is pick
out the highlighs in color, leaving the valleys dark and gives a sense of
depth to the mini. An AA brush is simply a very fine tip brush suitable for
very detailed work, you can get AAA brushes as well. I use that to paint
details like infantry rifles, breastplate emblems, etc.

For the base, I use a heavy brush with a load of brown paint (to similate
dirt) and heavily paint the stand around the already mounted and painted
infanty, then I run the wet base through green flock to similate grass
(looks good on all that geohex I own). I only do this after the paint on the
infantry is dry to avoid flocking the unit itself. Once the brown paint drys
it essentially glues the flock in place, but at that point I always cover
the mini (usually a group of minis) with dullcoat, a flat spray finnish.

The next time we play I plan on fielding my eldar Knights so you might want
to concider tactics against them. You wont see me make the mistake against
you the way I did last time we played against your thunderhawks. I am going
to start purchasing interceptors to kill those pests before you can do that

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Hi, thanks for your help!

I've tried that method, but had a problem. The bases on the figures did
not fit into the holes in the square stands after painting. I had to
trim the paint from the bases.

That brings up another question, when do you paint the base?
With the figures in?

Do you glue the figures to the base, spay paint, detail figs, glue flock
to the base?

Or paint the figs off the base, glue fig to the base, paint the base,
glue flock.

I'm sooooo confused!!!

Thanks, for your help,

The Millers wrote:
> paint them on the sprues and then remove and place on stands
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> Subject: [NetEpic ML] What's the best way to paint?
> > Hi!
> >
> > What's the best way to paint Infantry stands?
> >
> > How about armor?
> >
> >
> >
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