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>Frankly, I don't understand what all the Hub-bub is about.
>The Gut Buster can only fire every other round, (of course the first
>round is the most deadly). Gargants must choose at the start of the
>turn which type of ammo is to be used. I choose the type of ammo to be
>loaded, before the game is setup, when I pick my units, not after I have
>learned what my opponent has taken, and where everything is positioned.

No you don't. The rules state that the ammo for the Gutbuster must be
chosen "at the start of the game but before the first turn". So you know
what you are facing. Plus, you don't need to have a table of what you
inten load for the whole game before you set up. You simply chose the ammo
to load on the turn you relaod it. They really are an effective weapon. I
love my Gargants.

>The Ball round scatters, approx 1/3 chance of a hit. Then there is the
>amount of roll, (which usually is no problem). The weapon is GREAT, if
>it hits, but it's hardly reliable. And once it's fired, the enemy KNOWS
>you won't be able to use it the turn it reloads. Also, because the ball
>is not a barrage template, Eldar holo fields are effective against it.

Perhaps its just me, but I tend to hit more times than not with my Ball
Rounds (pardon the unintentional pun). I seem to rarely miss enough that
the shot will not hit is intended target (usually a Praetorian or Titan).
Its a ll a matter of positioning.

>Gargants have flickering shields and the armor saves are not so great,
>so every little shot fired at them has a real chance of doing real
>damage, and staring a fire. Infantry weapons have a good chance against

No they don't. I've waded Great Gargants through Imperial Guard Tactical
companies and come outh the other side unscathed. I admit I have had times
when a lucky infantry shot has taken out my Gargant, but that would be
twice in about 50 games I have played. Mostly, Gargants take an ENORMOUS
amount of firepower to stop. Which suits their character.

>Of course Gargants are tough, and it takes three fires to ensure

Try 4. They can survive (and I have) for several turns with 3 fires
running on a Great Gargant. Gargants are really tough.

>Warlords, on the other hand, have shields that work against the vast
>majority of weapons. The shields can regenerate. Warlords can carry
>a wide varity of weapons. Among these are Warp Missles and Vortex
>Missles. Both of these one shot gambles, can get lucky and do some
>pretty horrific damage about 1/3 of the time (scatter).

And they are quite fragile once the shields go down. If you have weapons
that ignore the shields, then they are in a fair amount of trouble, and
there are plenty of cost-effective weapons that ignore shields or trash
them fairly readily (Deathstrike missiles, Vibro/Tremor Cannons, Deth Rays,
Ball Rounds, Vortex and Warp Missiles, Cyclops Cannon, etc..). Plus its
really easy to lose 4 or 6 shields in a turn. Doesn't take a lot of
firepower to drop them.

>Eldar titans are also super neat. Holo fields are awsome, as long as
>the titan can keep moving, and avoid the barrage templates Thier
>weapons are perhaps the most powerfull in the game. This is ballanced
>by the smaller number of weapons they can carry. I absolutly LOVE to
>play with Eldar Titans!

Nah. Elf Titans is real squishy! I love playing soccer with them! They
HATE Ball rounds and to really take them out, you only need to land lots of
barrages on them. Sure, their weapons are pretty good, but the Titans
themselves are actually pretty weak. I love squishing them.

>I have never played with Chaos titans, but if they are as well ballanced
>as the other titans, I'm sure they're not a bad pick. Weapons costs may
>need to be adjusted, but overall, these Gigantic Machines of Destuction
>seem to be extreamly well ballanced to me.
>What's the BIG deal?

That Titans USED to be the awesome, all-powerful lords of the battlefield
in Adeptus Titanicus Epic and were downgraded a great deal in Titan Legions
Epic. We've tried to redress the balance somewhat in NetEpic, but many of
us think they are still quite squishy as they stand. That's the big deal.


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