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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 15:36:51 +1100

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>hi, Pete
> after scanning my 1x10'''' emails, i am overcome by the number of
>whiners out there. Infantry dont get a save or need one. if they did
>they would be even more powerful then tanks, or super heavies. The game
>i believe is about how you use and lose your forces. Not if you get a
>chance to save them with dumb luck. As many of us know the Epic system is
>for huge battles and dead units may not be dead, just out of commision.
>to give a save to a unit that doesn't get one completely changes how the
>game works. I play Squats, Marines and Orks, and any one of them would
>love a free saving throw. I mean ca'mon, think( or have nightmares) about
>squat infantry that will rise from the ground after you've gone to the
>trouble of mowing them down. I can see a desire for such a thing, but i
>see it a an unneccessary waste of time. Remember, just because you can do
>something doesn't always mean you should.
> damian

I'm afraid I agree with Damian here, folks. I don't think infantry need or
should get a save of any sort, except for the current saves that infantry
get (such as the ones for Marines, Terminators and Dark Reapers). Sure
infantry are squishy, but I think they should remain so. I can understand
people wanting their infantry to be able to survive hits from other
infantry weapons, but infantry weapons already have high To Hit numbers
which kind of represents to me the amount of damage needed to be inflicted
on the unit to reduce it to an ineffective combat unit. The timescale in
Epic is much large than that represented in 40K I believe. This means that
one shot from a unit isn't necessarily one shot or burst from the weapons
of that unit. Its multiple shots and burst and probably necessitates the
changing of ammo clips/packs. With infantry, this often means death if the
fire is effective (ie- if the shot hits). Marine, terminators and other
heavily armoured units get saves against this to represent their extra
protection and toughness.

My vote is against infantry saves. Anti-Armour weapons should be at a -1
(or some other number) to hit infantry, sure, but infantry on the whole do
not need and should not get saves.


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