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From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:48:07 -0600

Infantry don't need and shouldn't get a save. Armored units usually have
ammo for both hard and soft targets. Now someone could argue that the crew
might load the wrong ammo and require an intelligence check, or maybe they
have a finite number of each ammo type and have to keep track of the rounds
expended. And while we are at it, lets add rules for dud rounds. I am
rarely sarcastic, ok, I am sarcastic.

The additional rules have tended to clear up ambiguities and imbalances
without adding unnecessary complexity. Infantry has the advantage of
seeking cover where vehicles can't go. They are also relatively cheap. This
is the nature of the unit. Lets keep them simple and cheap.

I think individuals, ie heroes, should have indirect effects only. That is,
they can effect morale, leadership, and thus the performance of other
units, but should not have special attacks of their own, beyond the
abilites of their base unit type. As for effecting the performance of other
units, a leader can do one of the following:

1-If attached to another unit, (say a stand of infantry, in a grav tank,
or in a gargant for example) it gives an extra attack, or
2-it can just give a second chance on one roll (called in advance, as a
sort of insurance marker), this can be a save or an attack die roll of unit
it is attached to. It can't be a multiple die attack roll though, or
3-Psychic Attack or card, or
4-a general morale boost for units within range and/or sight.

I don't think they should get all three of these in a turn. Just one per
turn. Super heroes might get #4 and a choice of #1, #2, or #3. A leader
should always give a morlae boost to and suffer the fate of the unit it is
attached to.
Ok, on this one I am complicating things. I admit it. The whole issue of
hero or leader is complicated just because we want to give them importance
distinctive from the units under their command. A leader can take his unit
to a higher level, but can't do it without that unit.

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