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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 20:08:43 -0600


I certainly agree on your points, although up to the moment the votes aren't
there for close combat change, although it will be re-addressed soon. I like
what you have come with since it makes morale more important and yields
realistic results.

I would urge those aginst to reconsider if something like what Mr.
Carrington could be accepted.


> We've all seen it, after some small amount of effort you get some of
> your elite (or at least good) assault troops into close combat and
> eliminate almost all of your enemies in some sort of
> massacre/bloodbath. However, a couple of your enemies refuse to die and
> stand there ground defiantly while all of their buddies are mown down
> or slain (your buddies are screaming in pain while enemy close combat
> troops wipe them out and you don't even react?!). Your assault has
> failed. You may have destroyed large amounts of the enemy but still
> they hang on. Every single time. Is there something wrong with this
> picture?
> Why not have detachments involved in close combat who lose by a fair
> degree (some kind of tireless table would tell you the odds I suppose)
> take a morale check with some kind of modifier to the morale level.
> This could also be applied to units that win close combats (they
> re-evaluate their situation and decide to be a little more prudent).
> Something like this:
> Units that lose close combat
> -1 lost close combat
> -1 outnumbered
> -1 outnumbered 2-1
> -1 outnumbered 3-1
> -1 opponents cause morale checks when charging
> -1 lost fully half of detachment/models during close combat
> Units that win close combat
> +1 eliminate half of enemy
> +1 seized objective
> -1 outnumbered to any degree (you've just shoved your enemy around
> and beaten more enemies into the ground, you don't care how many there
> are, just bring 'em on!)
> Units whihc fail their morale check should fall back 10cm, but are not
> considered broken by this retreat. However all other morale checks
> (lost half of detachment/company) do apply.
> E.G. Chaos Space Marines (5 stands) lays into some helpless
> Guardians (5 stands) and eliminates 3 stands, loses 1 and draws with
> the last stand. The Guardians have lost and are outnumbered by the
> Chaos Marines. They've lost the combat (-1 modifier) and are
> outnumbered (-1 modifier). They take a morale check at -2. They roll a
> 3 and retreat back 10cm.
> Well that's it.
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