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From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 15:02:26 GMT

Hi everybody. This mail is primarily adressed to Peter as it deals with

Great stuff and you have even found a few of the bugs that I had found.
However, the following points concern me:

(Please remember to update the rules as nescesary)

Shouldn't eldar exarches be heroes? If they do not fit the concept of being
a hero, then who does?
Also, if they are not heroes then their orbital attack thing is rather

You don't mention how victory poitns are calculated? (This is odd as the
formula for calculating break points are given) How is it done?

Moving the flyer and artillery rules to AFTER the main combat rules is good.
These things can seem confusing to newbies.

Heroes can command other units. What is their leadership, command radius
etc.??? (I have assumed no leadership bonus, and the hero has to be within
coherency distance) Can heroes rally units?

I find it very strange that marine devastators are reduced in assault
strength, when imperial guard heavies or eldar seekers aren't.

May units on advance orders fire if they have fought in assault comba this
turn?? I would suggest that this is only possible if the unit did not
retreat or lose morale during the combat.

Some kind of advance move after winning assault combat would be nice!

If only a single model are left from an artillery detachment then i suppose
it automatically fires an open sheaf barrage? Please clarify this!

When firing smoke / blind rounds it seems odd that you get the same effect
regardless of the number of models firing or artillery pieces remaining in
the unit. What about 1 smoke template per gun. if firing blind this will use
up the firepower of 3 guns.

Space marine whirlwinds are apparently not stubborn. I presume this is a

What are the power ratings of the eldar psykers?

What are the rules for the eldar Local Air Defense skill possessed by dark

Psi-weapons (marine list) have a penetration of 2 / 3. Why is this?
(Presumable 2 versus regular targets and 3 versus psykers / daemons)

Commissars have assault pistols but only laspistols are listed in the weapon

Sentinels in the IG list are listed as walkers and cavalry????

Heavy flamers have a penetration of 2 / 18????? I refuse to believe that you
get 18 penetration dice against an infantry target. I suppose you mean 2 /

The eldar psykers have laspistols, but the weapon chart mentions shuriken
pistols. Just a typo?

Is it intentional that the assault values of greater daemons are hardly
better than an assault marine stand??

Wouldn't super heavy tanks be better off with a DR of 3?? 2 hits can easily
be scored by a single land raider.

Hunter missiles are presumably 1-shot but the rules doesn't actually state

The example given in the description of the tank killer ability is pretty
strange. Please read through it and correct it!

Angron has "Chaos" listed as a unit skill. This is chaos armour, right? Then
how come his DR is the same as the other primarchs? The DR's should
generally be 1 higher though

Ork armies should not be able to buy a waargh bigboss in small battles, thus
bringing an army with no line units at all. Make restrictions like those in
the imperial lists.

DROP DETACHMENT CARDS! Just list the break points and victory point values
next to the point cost in the army list. This is MUCH more convenient and
saves people from printing so much. And people will be referring to the army
lists for unit stats anyway.

The lord of change apparently posses a bolt of change. This has no rules
however, is this a lost weapon, or should it read: Firestorm of Tzeentch?

Giving traitor marines bolters are fine, but make a kind of heavy troops too
(Assault penalty but heavy weapons (Havocs). Alternatively make the traitors
shots all-purpose (Representing plasmas and shortranged chaos weapons)

I suppose that you always use a units unmodified assault value for its
"kill-number" in assault combat. Clarify this in the rules.

Inspiring presence is a bit wild IMHO. Add +2 or 50% to assault rather than
doubling. Add +1 to morale as well or something.

The infiltrate and jump packs skills are placed oddly in the alphabetical
skill list

Reducing anti-infantry suppression versus armour to one quarter is bad! Why
not give the poor grunts a chance and keep it at 50%?

I still aren't too keen on stealth. A whole unit losing their shots? And
marines are as likely to lose 'em as gretchin?
But with the importance of commanders it might be okay. However, what
happens if a unit only fires part of its shots at a unit with stealth? I
presume that only the units firing on stealthed troops lose their shots if
the check is failed.

Actually I would rather have stealth work as a to-hit modifier, perhaps
equal to twice the models leadership bonus. Eldar units with the stealth
wargear card would get a -2 modifier. But it is your choice really

The ork warband boss and warclan chief detachments actually haven't got
enough battlewagons to transport them.

The ork kustom weapon table needs to be revised as it is still the original
table you suggested where each roll had a chance of producing strange

The lethality thing is great!! Excellent idea, it really allows people to
suit the game length to their taste

Can line units be picked instead of support / special units? (A marine
commander getting 3 grunt units instead of 2 line and 1 other)

Can chaos commanders pick troops from their own kind in place of other types
(A traitor champion picking 4 traitor units instead of 3 traitor and 1

If I read the rules for greater daemons right, I can pick a bloodthirster,
attach 4 daemon and 4 cultist units to him and claim this to be a traitor
force. Thereby allowing me to avoid the limitation of having to pick 50% of
my force from one list???

Reduce the twin lascannon to firepower 1. Otherwise having a linked
lascannon gives you 2 shots AND AP 2�..

Allow fatiqued units to engage in assault combat by passing a morale test.
Otherwise assaults units are VERY easy to render useless. Frenzied or
Rampaging units should be able to assaulting with no test.

The bulldozer blade wargear card (The cards are brilliant by the way) adds
to armour right? The card doesnt specifically state so�

Cards that boost movement should be written as +x / +x / +x (Bonus to
advance / bonus to assault / bonus to strategic move)

The wargear file contains the tyranid stuff twice�..as if all the evil bug
things weren't bad enough already� :-)

The Slann apparantly have command distances of twice their leadership�which
suck!! I am sure you meant them to have distances of twice the normal for
their leadership?? :-)

The titan rules mention that armour piercing weapons get a bonus to
catastrophic damage rolls. I dont see any actual bonus in the rules. Anyway,
the massive amount of damage these weapons cause should be more than enough

Titan shields have pretty low armour values or??

There are no detail for how to add titans to an army. Is this something you
have not yet done or was it left out as a mistake?

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